Just alone with her voice, Michelle Monica is virtually what they call the “triple threat”. Michelle is a singer.songwriter, & pianist. Michelle has done prolific things over the past 10 years! Ranking in the top 10 for Oprah’s Popstar Challenge, top 150 on American Idol, performances with Slash, Nicole Scherzinger, Courtney Love, winner of Gimme the Mike, FOX’s Good Day LA for X Factor, Popstars, & countless performances for the MN. Twins, MN. Timberwolves, MN. Vikings, LA Dodgers, LA Kings, & Mighty Ducks, and most recently a SuperBowl commercial with Elton John & Melanie Amaro!  Michelle’s other talents include: makeup artist, shoe & clothing designer, model, actress, video & photo editor, & producer.

Michelle Monica is here to change your life not only with her music, but with her voice.  Here to GIVE you LOVE. STRENGTH. POWER. CONFIDENCE. INSPIRATION.